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The team at MV Depot are specialists in all forms of military vehicle and classic car restoration.
Based in North Yorkshire, our experienced and passionate team is ready to help you get you moving again with your project.

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Need to find a military vehicle restoration specialist that you can really trust?
Before you’ll trust your cherished vehicle with someone, you’ll need to know that it will be in safe hands.
Here at MV Depot, We are all owners of military vehicles and passionate about the heritage of these historic engineering icons.  So whether your pride and joy is an iconic Willis or MB Jeep, GMC Truck or even a Dodge Command Car, we know how to guide you through the maze of the military vehicle restoration world.

If  your time is short, we are happy to get on with the task for you  and have the vehicle ready for you in time for show season or a special event.
We can also offer help for importing and registering a classic vehicle from overseas.

So if you’re looking for a knowledgeable, passionate and practical team that you can trust, speak to us at MV Depot.  We’ll give you straight answers and practical no nonsense advice.

MV Depot are active members of the Military Vehicle Trust, with our vehicles at many of the UK’s re-enactment events and shows.

Based in North Yorkshire, our experienced team is ready to help you keep your vehicle rolling!